The homecoming game is an exciting part of the fall semester here at UC Berkeley. Parents, alumni and fans from all over are here to cheer on our Bears, and nothing feels better.

For some of you freshmen, you may not know what to expect from homecoming in college. Well don’t fret, homecoming is pretty similar to high school. This is the most special football game of the year because we all get to dress up in fancy dresses and slick suits. Don’t worry about decking out in Cal gear this time, this game is all about showing your school spirit by looking like a million bucks (or maybe the price of your tuition).

If you’re not sure what’s trending in fancy-wear these days, don’t worry, we at the Clog have some helpful fashion tips to help you look fly for your Homecoming 2016.

1. Strapless dress

A strapless dress is always a go-to option for formal dress. Strapless dresses are very on trend with today’s fashion and are ensured to capture the attention of the cutie at the game. You want to look as glam as possible for homecoming, so pull out your favorite cocktail dress and hit the town.

2. Suit and tie

You could always opt for the more laid back long-sleeve button-up and slacks, but why not step it up and go for the full on suit for homecoming this year? Yeah, we know it may be a little hot under all those layers of clothes, but you’re sure to look spiffy.

3. Medium or short high heels

If you’re going to wear high-heeled shoes to homecoming, be sure you can walk in them. We’ve all seen people in shoes they can hardly walk in and it just looks ridiculous. So for homecoming, if you can strut in stilettos, power to you! But if you can’t, try to stick with shorter heels or opt for a wedge style.

4. An elegant up-do

Despite the fact that it’ll be warm this weekend, up-dos are a hairstyle that instantly make your outfit look more glamorous. So why not look great and feel great with a cute up-do this homecoming?

5. Small purse or clutch

If you’re wearing an outfit without pockets, you might want to opt for a small purse, clutch or fanny pack. You want something that’s big enough to hold your essentials but won’t weigh you down.

6. Handkerchief

Call us old fashioned, but you may want to use this if the night doesn’t go as planned for you, your date or your friends. There’s always at least one person that cries at homecoming.

7. Boutonniere and corsage

This one’s a must for this homecoming season. What better way to spice up an outfit than with a fresh flower? We’re sure many of you remember getting these for school dances in high school, and lucky for you, this trend doesn’t stop in college. So head over to the nearest florist and get your boutonnieres and corsages for homecoming this year.

We at the Clog hope you have a wonderful homecoming and don’t forget that the best accessory is a smile!