As you well remember I spoke earlier in homecoming dresses (for those who did not see you can see HERE). What color means, when we can use it without running the risk of looking bad, etc., but today I come to speak to you of the fashion.

Ball Gown Strapless Satin Tulle Short/Mini Appliques Lace Prom Dresses

This is no longer a color that everyone uses. It's a strong color, it shows confidence and you're there to ruin! It is mostly associated with love, passion, feeling, but just as pink is also a color that conveys elegance and leaves us very feminine.

As incredible as it seems this is a gap in my wardrobe, I only have a red dress and has a more casual style so it does not fit into the ones we talked about (you can see it HERE), however it's a color that I like and who knows will not be the next purchase. 

Ball Gown Scoop Neck Lace Tulle Elastic Woven Satin Short/Mini Bow Prom Dresses

With the help of, once again, I will show you three models that I really liked the homecoming dress tab in several different formats.